I'm so happy that I received guidance that led me to you!! I feel like an explorer setting out on a tremendous adventure. Everything we covered yesterday blends seamlessly with my tcm studies and experiences in women's health, so I'm looking forward to experiencing the fullness and richness of my cycle, as well as incorporating it into the way I work with and educate patients.
Maisie Hill, doula and TCM student
Awaken Your Menstrual Power for health and wellbeing, Cornwall
May 16th 2015

Awaken Your Menstrual Power

Within a woman lies a powerful resource – her menstrual cycle. In this workshop we introduce you to the power of this inner resource and how to begin using it as your ultimate life skill for creating health and wellbeing, freeing your creative expression and opening the door to an extraordinary feminine spiritual path. Find a new liberating and life affirming sense of yourself as a woman and transform any menstrual suffering.

“A really amazing day…I have to confess that I used to see the course in the Alternatives magazine and think ‘I am never doing a course like that.’ Oh boy am I eating my words! I think your course should be taught to every woman in the country.”

Reclaim Your Feminine Power, Day 1, London
April 25th 2015

Reclaim Your Feminine Power - become your full self


Day 1: Introduction

There is one thing that every woman on a spiritual path needs to know: your spiritual practice is encoded in your body - it’s your menstrual cycle - and it’s time to awaken to it and reclaim your feminine power. In this workshop we introduce you to the basic inner map of your cycle and how to work with it as the number one feminine life tool for self-care, discovering your unique creative expression and becoming your full self.  Life will never feel the same again.

PS. This is also the no#1 remedy for transforming any menstrual suffering.

“A really amazing day…I have to confess that I used to see the course in the Alternatives magazine and think ‘I am never doing a course like that.’ Oh boy am I eating my words! I think your course should be taught to every woman in the country.”
Unleash Your Creativity - through the power of your menstrual cycle, Bristol
9.30am to 5.30pm Sun 10th May 2015


Join Alexandra Pope for an exciting day exploring the creative potential of your inner being

A workshop for all women   

  • Discover your hidden resource for ideas, inspiration and life direction.
  • Be more productive.
  • Knock procrastination on the head and feel more in the flow of your life.
  • Learn how menstrual problems can be connected to your creativity



Womb Wisdom Women’s Retreat 2015, Stroud, with Alexandra Pope and Uma Dinsmore-Tuli
6-8th Feb, 2015

Womb Wisdom Retreat
renew ~ enliven ~ awaken

Feb 6-8th 2015

Hawkwood College, Stroud, www.hawkwoodcollege.co.uk 

An invitation to all women to deeply nourish your body and spirit through female practices based on the wisdom of your womb.

  • Feel nourished and renewed
  • Enjoy a renaissance of inspiration and creativity
  • Awaken the power of your menstrual consciousness
  • And relish the authority of the Feminine

Over a long weekend you will experience delicious, relaxing womb yoga with other experiential processes, talks and an engaged dialogue that will allow you to gently let go into your power and beauty as a woman.

Facilitators: Alexandra Pope (www.womensquest.org) and Uma Dinsmore Tuli (www.wombyoga.org)

Dates: Feb 6th, 4pm - 8th at 4pm  2015 , Hawkwood College, Stroud, www.hawkwoodcollege.co.uk 

For information and bookings:

Alix Thorpe

email: alixthorpe@hotmail.com

ph: 07928095489

Cost: Residential (single) £435

Residential (shared) £384

Non residential £320
  Day rate £120

If you really want to attend and the price is a real barrier please contact us: alixthorpe@hotmail.com
Reclaim Your Feminine Power, Day 2, London
April 26th 2015

Reclaim Your Feminine Power


Day 2: Going deeper

Women have the potential to experience deep states of altered consciousness and visionary power naturally at menstruation. In this workshop we reveal your inner spiritual architecture – how you are coded for spiritual awakening. Learn to work with the energy map of the menstrual cycle, and the five ‘phases’ of menstruation itself to discover your birthright as a woman - the capacity to experience bliss, love, union and ecstasy naturally.

“This stuff is so groundbreaking yet so fundamental to being a woman. Life will never be the same again!”

4th UK Women's Quest Apprenticeship leadership training
May 2016, dates to be confirmed

4th UK Women’s Quest Apprenticeship

Leadership training in menstruality consciousness



The Woman’s Quest Apprenticeship is a radically new approach to leadership training for women based on a uniquely female model of development: the menstrual cycle and the psychological and spiritual developmental journey from menarche through menopause into her mature years. It is the first comprehensive training of its kind in the world exploring and developing the exciting new discipline of Menstruality, a discipline that is set to change the way we approach women’s wellbeing at all levels of our personal and professional development, creative and spiritual life. 


Menopause: unveiling the hidden power, Malvern
November 28-29th 2015


Unveiling the hidden power 

A 2–day workshop exploring the psychological and spiritual process of menopause 

 Facilitator: Alexandra Pope

Menopause is a key transition in a woman’s life in which both your body and spirit undergo a major transformation. This change is a normal and healthy part of a woman’s maturation process—an ending and a beginning in which you can deeply examine who you are, what you have done and who you want to now be. Menopause is an opportunity to truly come home to yourself, your Calling, and to experience a deep feeling of inner authority and meaning. It is a time of Awakening.


In this workshop through experiential processes, sharing and teaching you will learn about the psycho-spiritual process, the inner map, leading you ‘home’. Think of this as also your first remedy for healing any of the health challenges you may encounter.

Join us for what we hope will be a fun, deep, tender, illuminating weekend in which you can face any fears and concerns you have and come away with guidelines, practices and companionship for your menopause journey.

The workshop is for any woman who is in her early to mid forties and older. If you are younger than this but feel a strong desire to attend, please contact us.